Medical imaging is exactly what it sounds like; it’s where doctors use techniques to see inside of your body without doing anything invasive. The most common technique is a simple X-ray, which allows doctors to see inside of you.

This can be used to show broken bones, get more information about the inside of the body, look for anomalies and potential dangers, and then put a plan in action to fix them. There are several different ways that doctors can take a look around your body, and each one can help you in different ways.

open MRI

CT and Ultrasounds

CT scans are designed to take a look inside your body from several angles and is often used in cancer research to figure out how far a tumor has gotten inside of your body. By taking several pictures and laying them on top of one another, the doctors will get a clear image.

Ultrasounds are another powerful tool that produces no radiation and allows for parents to be to see their unborn baby. It uses soundwaves that bounce off of tissue to produce an image, and then those images are seen in real time.

MRI Scans

MRI scans are used as a way for doctors to get a full body scan without having to use radiation, only a magnetic field. In an open MRI powerful magnets line the chamber that a patient lies in, and the magnets project imagery onto a screen that doctors can later analyze.

How the Scans Help

Being able to see a clear and often real-time image of how the body looks and what types of problems it is facing can be a major resource for doctors when planning and preparing to operate on a patient, so all the medical imaging techniques are one of the first tools doctors go too, and with good reason.